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Makeup, Skin, and Hair Advice

Advice for Getting the Best Results in your Photos

1. Have fun with it!  Don't shy away from hats or outfits that make a bold statement.  Now is the time to get out that pilot jumpsuit or emerald sequin dress and show it off! 

2. Dress modestly. During your session I will have you sitting, squatting, leaning, standing, and possibly laying down and your outfits need to be able to keep up. Jeans and dresses/skirts that are just above the knee or longer are ideal for maximum versatility. Also, please don't choose tops that show your cleavage. 

3. Avoid wearing neon colors or very bright shades. When it is sunny outside, neon and light colors reflect onto your face and turn your face the color of the shirt. Try medium to dark shades as they are the most flattering on camera.

4. Scarves and Necklaces add visual interest. They also balance out a figure with larger hips. Even further, they make you look more fashion forward.

5. That boxy sweater/jacket is hiding everything, but it's also making you look larger. 

Add interest to that sweater or jacket by adding a statement necklace or scarf, or wear a more form fitting top with smoothing undergarments.

6. Don't focus too much on your shoes. For most of the shots, your shoes won't be in the picture. It's best to focus on finding an awesome top or dress. 

7. Your glasses may become a problem. If your lenses don't have a glare-resistant coating, the reflection may hide your eyes in your pictures. If this will bother you, I advise not wearing your glasses for your pictures or have your eye doctor temporarily remove the lenses.

8. Try timeless, classic looks. Being fashion-forward is great, but some trends aren't that flattering and should be bypassed when choosing looks for your portrait session. But being classic and timeless doesn't mean you have to look plain. It means always choosing a flattering shape for your body. Check out my pinterest board for ideas. 

9. Dress for the weather. I can't tell you how many times I have had seniors book a September session expecting cool, fall weather only to find themselves sweating in their puffer vest and flannel shirt when it turns out to be 80 degrees the day of their session. I know you don't want to look sweaty for your portraits, so please check the forecast and choose your outfits accordingly. If you would like a cool, fall session, please book for October. 


The camera tends to make hair look flatter. Flat hair will unfortunately make your face look fuller and your nose larger.  Add volume to your hair by teasing it and if you'd like, curling it. If you have no idea how to do your hair, it would be a REALLY good idea to have your hairstylist or someone you know with hair styling abilities style it before your photo shoot. 

A few random notes

1. Please have your nails completely painted or completely clean. Chipped nails just aren't pretty. 

2. I will whiten your teeth in Photoshop, so don't worry if your teeth are naturally yellow. Unfortunately, I'm not able to remove braces in Photoshop.

3. I have quite a few clients ask me to slim them down in Photoshop. This isn't something I'm morally comfortable with, so I won't be able to do that for you. You're beautiful no matter your size.


If you're confident in your makeup application abilities, that's awesome. I'm sure that you'll look great for your pictures. If you need inspiration, check out my makeup pinterest board. If you aren't good at applying makeup and want it done for your photo shoot, I can apply it for you for $30 (more information here). Please bring your own foundation and powder that matches YOUR skin tone (not your mom's) and mascara (for hygiene reasons). You can choose a super natural look , a glamorous look, or somewhere in between.


If you're fair skinned, please do not tan too much before your photo session. Most people with fair skin look a darker shade of red or orange on camera not tan.  Also, if you have tan lines, please choose clothing that covers them completely as I won't remove them in Photoshop.

If you have acne, no need to worry. I completely edit out blemishes and fix uneven skin tone.

If you have wrinkles, I will lighten them, but will not erase them completely. Erasing wrinkles takes away the character of your face and you no longer look like you.